Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

We had a pretty uneventful Father's Day, much like our uneventful Mother's Day (if you remember, I had a pretty high fever). We started out our day early, compliments of Amelia. Once we got up, changed and fed Amelia we sat down and Jason opened up his stack of cards from family and opened his gifts (he got some new movies and an iTunes gift card). He will have new things to watch on Tuesdays and Fridays (when I am at work) for a couple weeks now! (He also got himself Transformers, the original, season 1 at Target after church today) Before going to church this morning, we went to a diner, called Landmark Diner, for breakfast. We had never been there before and will probably go back! You get large portions for small prices :) We both got plenty to eat this morning. Unfortunately, Jason had to work tonight, so it was just us girls this evening.

I tried to get a good picture of Amelia and Jason today, but that proved itself to be harder than I anticipated. This is the best one I got, I think:

Here is a picture of Amelia's Father's Day outfit. (it says "I Love Daddy", which I am sure is almost impossible to tell)

Another part of Jason's Father's Day suprises was this:

Twins gear! Remember, we are in Milwaukee, "Brewer's Land", Twins gear is non-existant down here (my mom picked this up), and I am also a Brewer this is Amelia's first Twins outfit :) (she has several Brewer outfits already) She looks like she is modeling it, holding it up to make sure the camera can see it clearly.

She was not too interested in Bumbo time without her tray today:

She kept turning to look at her basket of toys. (we usually only play with toys in the Bumbo when we use the tray) We eventually did play with toys :)

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