Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Last night, I hear Amelia's door open and then a thud. I went in to investigate and didn't see a cat...but then I heard some purring and looked around some more. Then I saw a big furry butt...

Lucky had made himself comfortable on the basket that is full of recieving blankets. I couldn't pull him out, so I removed the entire basket and it didn't phase him. He just looked at me and meowed and laid his head back down.

Today I skipped class, as I thought I might, and slept in! We got up for good at around 9 (when my class starts). Now I need to watch Platoon in the next couple of days, should be no problem.

After we got up, we spent some time playing with Amelia. She went "moon walking" (sorry, no pics) to the couch to have her breakfast. After that we all layed in bed together. She was on her tummy and was smiling! She still isn't a huge fan of tummytime, but this morning she was enjoying being on her tummy and looking at her parents :)

We spent a good deal of time, the three of us, in bed this morning, playing.

After playtime, Jason "needed" a nap. I needed to read for school, so Amelia had some swing time and she also fell asleep!

I let them slepp a little over an hour and then I woke Jason up so we could get ready to run to Whole Foods to drop off recycling (they recycle pretty much everything the city doesn't, so we save things, like #5 plastics etc, to bring there) and get more water. We also decided to have a slice of pizza while we were there for lunch.

On our way home, we stopped by a Redbox and Jason picked up Gran Torino to watch while I am at work tonight, after Amelia is asleep.

Amelia kept reaching for the camera this afternoon when I tried to take her picture:

I am hoping that work is not too boring tonight, it is a pretty slow time for us right now :( However, if it is slow, I can maybe read my book for school and that would be nice! I get to read after I finish all of my closing duties, so either way I will get some reading time in.

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Jenny said...

She does look to be getting bigger every day! What a silly, yet curious, little girl!