Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Blast

UPDATED: Jason's chili won people's choice!

Today, after church, Amelia, our friend Sarah and I went to Bay View's Winter Blast. Jason was involved in the chili contest! He and his friend, Ben, represented their work, HoneyPie, in the contest.

They had a carnivorous chili and an option for vegans (there are a lot of vegans in this area) so hopefully that helps them stand out! Sarah and I voted for their chili and hopefully lots of other did too! Jason used the world's hottest pepper, the Bhut Jolokia, in his chili and guess what? He used just the right amount. It wasn't fiery hot, it wasn't had heat and good flavor. I liked it! I should have tried it when he tried to get me to on Friday!

The beach house at South Shore Park was packed today:

(see Jason in the back corner?)

I was soooo hot (which probably doesn't suprise anyone who knows me well). Jason told me I was hot because I wore my green sweater and I always get hot in it. That may be true, but there were a ba-jillion people in there so I think I would have been hot in a swimsuit!

While we were there, a band called the Garlic Mustard Pickers was playing:

You can go here to learn a little more about this band and their interesting name!

We even ran into a Klement's sausage while we were there:

(pardon my red, red face. Like I said, I was HOT. Jason wanted me to get this picture, so I did) Amelia was just in awe by the sausage. It was pretty cute.

What's the big deal with a sausage? If you have been to a Brewer's game, you understand. If you haven't, well, here is a peak at why they are so famous:

If you are wondering what they are doing, they are racing. That is the entertainment during the 7th inning stretch, sausage races!

The chili contest is still going on, so I don't know if Jason's chili won or not! Maybe it will. That would make his day! Either way though, all the money raised today (chili tastes and beverages were $1 each) goes to support the Bay View Neighborhood Association and that is the important part! We are lucky to live in such a nice area!


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Wow, congrats on the big chili win! Especially up in the midwest-- people KNOW chili there (as opposed to in the South, they are fair judges of a good BBQ, but chili? not so much). Can you send some my way??? I'm hungry! (That's what happens when you eat your lunch at 11am.)

Confessions From A Working Mom

Lo said...

Point of curiosity, did you get a hold of the ghost chiles in Milwaukee? or elsewhere?