Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow Day

Snow has returned to SE Wisconsin! It all started just past midnight and will continue into tomorrow night. Finally, it is looking like February around here again. Small group was cancelled this morning only...I had no clue and went anyways! I got there and no one was there and I was informed it had been cancelled and didn't I get the note? Well, no, I missed that one because I hadn't checked my e-mail!

Oh well, the roads really weren't that terrible. I mean, they weren't ideal but we made it there and back safely. It is just white here in Milwaukee. You can't even see the lake:

(for those of you who have been here, this was taken from the bluff where the old water tower is on the East Side - near the hospital Amelia was born at)

Amelia refused her lunch-time nap today so instead we shoveled! I got Amelia all bundled up and she explored while I shoveled the walkway.

She was very interested in the snow and crawled all over the place:

She also got her exercise in and did laps around her sled:

See the circle she made around the sled?

Mostly she just looked around:

A hot, late lunch is in order for us now. I also haven't given up on her taking an afternoon nap...so I better try and tire her out!

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