Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What a Wednesday!

Man, we were busy today. We got up at 9 and never stopped. Until now that is.

This morning we went to the art museum (above). Over the weekend a new exhibit, Street Seen, opened so we checked that out. Amelia dicovered that her little voice echoes in the museum today, so we had to let her out of her stroller. She followed us around, crawling, through the exhibit. It was pretty funny. We walked around the first floor for a little bit too. That's one nice thing about being members, we can go for a short period of time and it's not a waste. We don't have to "make a day of it".

After the museum and lunch, we headed home to get Ludo. He had another vet appointment to see check on his bladder issues. Of course, it wasn't perfect so more tests are being run etc. While Jason ran up to get the little guy I stuck my arm in the backseat to snap a picture of Amelia:

What a happy little girl! (I changed it to black and white because the original picture was really dark and it looked so much better this way!)

After the vet we stopped at Downtown Books on our way home. Well, we still had Ludo with us but figured he would be ok for a half hour or so. We plugged our meter for 35 minutes and headed in. Well, an hour later we realized we needed to get going! We got in the car and started to head home when we decided that we wanted dinner out. We had cashed a Christmas check (mainly to have some cash to pay for parking at the museum) so we thought we could treat ourselves, somewhat guilt free. Well, as we were searching for where to go we realized we still had a fourth passenger:

Oops! Don't worry though, we didn't get too far of course before we remembered him! I still can't believe we forgot to bring him home! He is so quiet in the car these days. He is fine. He isn't even mad at us :) All those 5-7 hour trips to MN have him trained well!

We finally found a place for dinner, Villa Roma. We decided somewhere new would be best since it was special Christmas money and all. We just had a pizza and some cheese bread. Pretty simple! Amelia LOVED marinara sauce:

Yes, that is a knife that she is eating off of...

We are home and very tired! Amelia is in bed and I think that we will be headed there very soon.

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jen12685 said...

She looks like she likes the sauce almost as much as that pickle from the other night!