Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whirlwind of Family

Let me start out with, I am exhausted. What a long day. Ok, I feel better having said that.

Today, my sister, Amelia and I made a trip to Indiana to visit family. We got an early start and were on the road a little after 7. We went straight to Crown Pointe to visit Amelia's great-grandpa Joe and cousin Tori:

After that we met our new cousin, P:

She is just 6 weeks old! Amelia wasn't that interested in her new cousin:

She was sleeping the whole time, so I think Amelia wasn't too sure what to think of her.

We rounded out our visit by visiting Amelia's great-grandma and great-grandpa Mickles:

(I caught them off guard when I took the picture because I got excited that Amelia was smiling!)

Amelia didn't want to sit in the rocking chair with her great-grandma, she was much more interested in rocking the chair for her:

It was pretty cute.

We were in and out of Indiana in about 6 hours (plus about 6 hours of travel when you count Chicago traffic), so it truly was a whirlwind of a trip. We were able to spend more than an hour at each of our stops, so that was great. I was glad that we could spend time at home with our grandparents so Amelia could wow them with all her skills! They don't have video capability on their computer, so we brought Amelia over to show them in person!

Amelia did good in the car. By the time we were around a half an hour outside of Milwaukee, she had had it. She cried pretty much the rest of the way. We are all home and resting now, getting ready for another big day tomorrow.

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