Saturday, February 13, 2010


Amelia is really starting to take a liking to blankets. Like in the above picture. She saw the blanket on my chair, got it and covered herself up on the floor.

I am too nervous to let her have a blanket in her crib though. I have looked online several times and some people say it's ok at one year and others say it's a no-no until they are into a toddler bed. That's sort of a huge gap...who to "trust"? Amelia has a pillow in her bed now, just a little one, so maybe a blanket is in her [near] future. We'll see. I find myself checking on her compulsively again, now that she has a pillow. I might never sleep if she has a blanket too!

I am off to work soon. Valentine's Day Rocky Horror with a lingerie contest (for women and men)...yeah, it will be an interesting night!

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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

We have let G sleep with a blanket in her crib this winter, even though she is a LONG way from a toddler crib. In fact, we let her have a light one last winter-- she was swaddled with arms in tight, so she never really knocked it off. I know it's considered a SIDS risk (although new research is pointing to the cause of SIDS as decreased levels of seratonin in the brain stem-- learned that at work a few weeks ago!), but the girl had a binkie, a humidifier, she slept swaddled on her back, with a fan in the room...

I think all parents make the choice that is right for THEM. Go with your gut!

Confessions From A Working Mom