Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday Fails - Phone Fail

Today is Amelia's first birthday and it was just last week that I programmed the number of her pediatrician into my phone... I am serious. Every single time I would go to call and make an appointment or ask a question I would find that the number was not in my phone. I would dig out this card from my wallet:

Last week when I called to make her one year appointment (a tad late, I might add) I realized how ridiculous it was that that number wasn't already in my phone. It is there now:

I still can't believe that it took me one year to program that number in. FAIL.

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Myra said...

I've done the same thing before with important numbers.

My dad is the worst. He will not program any numbers into his phone...he has them (sort of) in his head...LOL!

Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails! :)

Melinda said...

I can totally relate! Numbers are not my friend! I have trouble remembering my OWN phone number and have to ask my kids what our zip code is (we've lived here 10 years!) I don't even know how to put numbers in my phone - my kids need to do that too!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Wanna hear about a phone fail? I let G chew on my cell phone while I was in a work meeting (I had to bring her for a few hours when the sitter called in sick). She ended up SHORTING OUT the battery and ruining my six month old phone! I am praying the nice people at Verizon will have pity on me and give me a new one.

Confessions From A Working Mom