Monday, February 01, 2010

Sleepin' In

We sleep in. A lot. Amelia is kind enough to let her mommy and daddy sleep in until around 10 o'clock most days. Yes, 10 o'clock. Sometimes only 9 o'clock but I'm not complaing about that either! Sometimes she wakes early, like 6 o'clock, but a paci can put her right back to sleep in a second.

What does she do in there all morning? I am not entirely sure but we do hear a lot of babbling, grunting and sometimes even laughter. We hear her well before 9 o'clock but we don't go in there until she is calling for us. There is a difference between babbling while you play and babbling because you want your parents.

Every morning when we go in to get her, we are greeted by this:

Well, she has already found her first "toy" of the day, a Pepsi bottle:

Let the fun begin!

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