Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Piggy Meets Piggy

Today I gave Amelia $3 to feed her piggy. Her real piggy, not her toy piggy. I save any tips I get/find at work to feed her real piggy.

Amelia doesn't like to feed her piggy as much as she likes to take "food" from her piggy. Much like when we play with her toy piggy, she prefers to remove any money I put in the slot instead of pushing it in.

I got to wondering today, why are they called "piggy" banks? From a quick google search, I learned that around the 15th century a clay known as "pygg" was used to make household items, including jars in which any spare coins might have been dropped. Over the next few hundred years people forgot that "pygg" referred to the clay and and when there was an order for a "pygg" bank a bank in the shape of a pig was made. Thus, the "piggy" bank was born.

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jen12685 said...

Interesting little known fact! :-)