Sunday, February 07, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Tonight, while we watch the Super Bowl I am going to play catch up on here!

What have we been up to? Lots of things somedays and lots of nothing other days.

I have to keep a better eye on Amelia when we are at the store now:

I went to grab something and I heard a crash. Apparently she wanted some green beans too!

Friday while I was at work, Jason put a shelf up in Amelia's room:

It is so nice to have her wipes and such off of the table itself. She is getting so big that it was just a hassle to change her most of the time.

They boys (our cats) got a special present in Amelia's Valentine's Day package from her Nana and Grandpa. We tried hiding the gifts until Valentine's Day but...

...Poopy was going crazy trying to find the presents! Lucky and Ludo were concerned as well, but they handled it a little better than the big guy. We gave them their "catnip pillows" early, for obvious reasons.

Saturday Amelia and I stayed in while Jason was at work. We played most of the day. Amelia shocked me when we were in the kitchen though. She ate mixed berry yogurt melts all by herself! I was so excited when I saw her putting them into her mouth. She sure likes them:

(see her purple chin?)

Next, she drank an entire sippy cup of apple juice!

She doesn't totally get it yet, but she eventually finished it all. She is such a big girl :)

Saturday night I had a rough night of work. I was so bored. We have an outer box office, you know-like in the old days (remember, the theatre was built in the 1920s) and that is where I spent the night. Usually it isn't too bad but for some reason I was bored out of my mind last night. I shot video of my phone looking around the outer box... This is the view I had all night:

Like I said, I usually don't mind it but it just got to me last night and I was so stir crazy!

Amelia and I went to church this morning and had the usual lunch with friends. Today we went to Whole Foods (because they have parking available). Amelia was a riot! Here is just one example of the adorable things she did:

I have stopped bringing lots of toys with us when we go out because of this:

See how enthralled she is with an empty Pepsi bottle? Yeah, I would rather she lose an empty bottle than her toys!

It was kinda warmish today (28 degrees) so Jason grilled some brats for us:

Amelia wanted to get out there too:

Well, it is now halftime and our team is ahead! Jason decided that we would root for the Colts (which likely makes my sister happy!) because the Saints beat the Vikings. My mom is rooting for the Saints because she likes their "outfits" the best. I wonder who will win?

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