Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amelia's Birthday Weekend

Friday morning Jason's family stopped over before they headed home.

We had some fun with Liz's sunglasses too:

After they were on their way, we got the house in order for the arrival of my parents. They stopped and picked up Speed Queen BBQ, which is something that my dad and Jason have both been wanting to try for some time. My mom and I? We prefer eating BBQ outside, from the grill in the park. I think part of why BBQ tastes so good outside is because it is a whole experience, the grilling and time outside. It was good though. I would eat it again (which is good because I have a ton of leftovers in the fridge!).

After lunch, Amelia opened her presents from my parents and some more from my sister.

That girl got so many great things for her birthday, I might need to ask our landlord for an addition to house it all! Here is her all her "loot":

Her grandpa made a castle for her out of all her new blocks. Here is a close-up:

This is just too funny to not share:

Amelia is scared of her new doll! I have no idea why. We decided she might be afraid she is being replaced by the doll. She is such a strange kid. Don't worry Nana, I am sure she will warm up to her baby soon!

Saturday morning, my family and I had some breakfast and Kim headed home to MN. Saturday afternoon we went to the circus to celebrate! Amelia had an absolute BLAST. I am serious, she was mesmerized.

We had second row seats, right by the tigers:

Amelia LOVED the tigers so much! She was "talking" to them and singing to them like they were her kitties from home. It was adorable!

This act was a favorite of ours:

The clown came out with stuffed animals and was winding them up with a giant key but none work. The last one, an elephant, finally worked and would run around awhile and then fall over on it's side. We were so confused and couldn't decide if there was a real animal in the elephant and there was! A little dog was in there.

Here are some other picture from our trip to the circus:

Amelia was distracted in our family picture because a clown had thrown her a balloon:

On our way home was had dinner at Transfer Cafe because we wanted pizza and have been wanting to try this place out! Amelia was in such great spirits while we were there:

My parents stopped over this morning for breakfast and are now on their way home.

Amelia is now playing with some of her new toys and I am relaxing, watching the Olympics and waiting for Jason to get home! We had a long and fun week!

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