Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Monday was so busy for us...and we stayed at home all day! Amelia has so much energy lately. She is all over the place, leaving a disaster in her wake. She was exploring her room and found her beanie babies:

She alternated between throwing them over her shoulder and putting them back in their ark.

While we were in her room, we put some money in her piggy:

She had five of her own dollars she got from her Great-Grandma (my Grandma) in a Valentine's Day card and she had four dollars from me, that I got at work the other night. Amelia says, "thanks Great-Grandma, my piggy is full!".

Amelia, as most of you know, is very fond of her cats. She is even fond of their beds:

We find her curling up in their beds often. What a silly girl!

I also mentioned the other day that Amelia has her own little pillow. Here she is using it:

It is so soft! I think she likes it. I like that it is shaped like a wolf. It even folds up and becomes a stuffed animal!

Today, after we got home from small group, Amelia was snacking and she tried out her new bib from her Grandpa:

Yeah, it is pretty huge. It is huge for a reason though...

I like to call this, SuperBaby - version 2:

I think it is funny because my dad got this for her before the original SuperBaby post. He must have known she was a superhero all along. She even has a superhero name, that I have used for a long time now, "Squirt-tastic". We call her squirt constantly and the name just evolved. Laugh if you must, but I think it suits her.

I am not sure why, but this picture just looks like a "superhero" picture to me:

It is almost like she is staring down evil, letting it know it has no chance. Her "cape" is even off to the side, like it is blowing in the wind while she stands on the top of a building. (ok, now you can laugh at me...)

Tonight, we went to Wal-Mart for lots of things. We did some grocery shopping there for the first time and I think we will do it again! We picked up some basic things, to help us get through until we can get to Woodman's next. We almost were able to get everything at Wal-Mart but they don't carry the formula we have switched too! I was shocked. We switched Amelia to a "level 2" formula, for older babies.

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of the squirt:

No Amelia, you couldn't be any cuter, you are already beyond cute!

I thought that would please you :)

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