Thursday, February 18, 2010

Trip to Broookfield

Yesterday, Amelia and I went to Brookfield (a suburb of Milwaukee) to visit our friend Sarah (Amelia's birthday buddy) and her family. We got there around lunchtime, had some egg salad and watched the Olympics while Amelia played.

Amelia was so excited to have somewhere new to explore:

Look at the mischief in her eyes!

Last time she was at their house, she could only roll so we watched her roll across the living room the whole time. This time she was exploring.

She made sure to keep up on the Olympics though:

She stopped and watched from time to time while she played.

It all worked out great yesterday. Jason had a meeting at work while we were gone and we had an early dinner when we got home, before I headed to work.

This is pretty much how I left them:

Jason took her Zoobie pet, put it on like that and yelled, "I'm a purple dinosaur!" Don't worry, I mad sure to point out that he was in fact a pink hippo:

I am trying to get us (Jason) motivated to get the laundry done now. That means I had better get off of the computer...

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