Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birthday Buddies

This afternoon, Amelia and I had a visit from Amelia's birthday buddy, Sarah. While Amelia had her afternoon nap Sarah and I were able to catch up, finally. Amelia was sooo happy when she woke up and laughed so much! I am sure Sarah isn't a fan of this picture, but here they are laughing together:

Here is a nicer one:

Well, that was as nice of a picture as we could get out of Amelia :)

Ludo had his surgery this morning. The doctor called and it went fine, mostly. Once she got in there, the stone removal was pretty textbook but she noticed some internal bleeding. She lengthened his incision and explored, trying to find the source of the bleeding. She determined it was from near his liver but has no idea why it was happening. All of his organs looked very healthy, his clot test came back normal etc. So, she wants to see him in a week to check and make sure he is not becoming anemic. We get to bring Ludo home tomorrow! When I called this afternoon to check on him they said he was cranky but doing very well!

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