Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today has been full, as they all are. This morning Jason had his work meeting as I mentioned last night. After he got home we all got ready to head to the East Side for Amelia's follow-up flu shot (it is given in 2 parts it seems). She got a cool Star Wars sticker this time with C-3PO and R2-D2 on it!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, I had Amelia weighed while we were at the doctor because her infant carrier only goes up to 22 pounds and I wanted to know how close we were to that...we are very close! Amelia is just a few ounces shy of 20 pounds. She is getting so big!

We finally went and had Chinese for lunch today! We have been craving it but it is more expensive than other places. Long story short, our weakness is eating out. It is the one thing that we do way too often. The one way we spend our money less than wisely. We are on the move so often that grabbing Wendy's here or Subway there doesn't seem like big deal. It is though. We discussed it last week and I can say proudly that we went 6 days without indulging. That's a big deal for us. When we were in a time crunch Jason brought things home from work for us so we wouldn't have tons of dishes and it wouldn't take long to prepare. An example of that would be our Tuesday meal: chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy from Honeypie.

Anyways, after lunch we stopped at Target to pick up the fer-in-sol I had the pharmacy order for Amelia (for her anemia). We also saw this awesome toy and had to get it for her. We decided it could be for Christmas but then when we got home Jason started opening it. I think he wanted to play with it. Amelia showed some interest in it too:

She is obsessed with being on her feet. Even when she is playing and it is not necessary, as the picture illustrates nicely.

Now, this toy we got. It doesn't look like much but trust me. It is called "textile symphony" or something like that. It is really neat. I'll have to get a video of Amelia playing once she understands it better. She doesn't understand how to push down on things yet. She likes the sounds and music when we push, but once the music stops she crawls away. She'll get it one day :)

You might notice Amelia has on some baby leggings. I got her some so she can crawl around the house in onesies. Since she is an army-crawler her knees turn bright red after an afternoon of cruising around. They are working, usually. The right leg seems to slip down often. Maybe it is something she is doing as she crawls? I don't think Jason is too fond of them. He asked me today if we were in Flashdance... He does, however, recognize that they will help keep her knees in good shape. He sees their function and I think they are cute, as well as functional.

Tonight I have been tackling "projects" around here. Here are a couple of examples:

Project 1) Amelia's toys:

We went from this:

To this:

She is already back there. Making another mess.

Project 2) The kitchen "junk" drawer:

We went from this:

To this:

For just a few dollars I was able to transform the chaos into order. Now lets just see how long it lasts. *sigh*

I still have lots that I'd like to do tonight still, so, I better get to it! I tend to lose motivation very quickly the later it gets. And the fact that the sun is going down at around 5 does not help at all!


the misses of the blisses said...

Ah, I love seeing friends blogs.... who else takes a before and after picture of things we clean?! I think blogging makes everything so much more fun- especially the not so fun stuff! Being able to blog about things like cleaning seems to make it an even bigger accomplishment. Im glad Im not the only one taking before and after pictures- as well as making everyone pose so I can blog about things :) Thanks! I also love the leggings... too bad they are a little feminine.

Marcie said...

It's kind of funny, I just started an organizing project at work, and I stopped and thought, Shelley would really appreciate this. Then, I checked your blog while taking a break. . . .

Can you come to California and organize my drawers? No before and after pix necessary. . . . And I thought I was obsessive!