Thursday, November 05, 2009

Busy Bees

Today we had a jam-packed day! We woke up bright and early (7:30) because I thought it was really late but it wasn't. Daylight savings means the sun is out earlier and it fooled me this morning!

Jason showered, I got Amelia out of bed and then we made a big breakfast! Liz, Jason finally used the griddle to make breakfast:

Amelia had her breakfast with us! I gave her some banana in a food teether for the first time:

She did NOT like it:

So next I cut up some really small pieces of banana to see what she would do with them:

The first one that made it into her mouth sat on her tongue as she gagged. Then she threw up. Hmm. This makes me wonder if I should go ahead with making bananas for her this weekend? I think I will try it. Maybe she'll surprise me.

Once we were done with breakfast and were set to go we headed to Saturn of Milwaukee. My car was ready for pick-up :) There was nothing damaged on the car. The leaks were caused by leaves. Leaves were plugging up all the drainage-ways on the car. Guess that is what I get for parking on a tree-lined street for the past two falls!

On our way home we stopped by Target to get a few essentials and ended up looking around for an hour. For once we were not rushed while out as a family.

While we ate lunch we tried giving Amelia a sippy cup again. We are trying to make sure she is offered it every day but we forget a lot :( Here was her response to the cup this afternoon:

(she is yelling at it, in case you weren't clear)

After she had yelled at her cup long enough she proceeded to try and eat her bib:

Eventually I put her in my lap and offered her the sippy cup. She screamed for a few minutes as I held the cup in her mouth and then once she realized it was there to stay she started sucking. Now I just need to get her to hold it on her own and then drink from it upright! We have made step one at least :)

Once we all eaten had eaten lunch, Amelia went down for a nap so Jason and I laid down too :)

This afternoon has been full of feeding Amelia (that girl has quite the appetite!), daily chores and more. I have not done a ton this evening because my head hurts but after I publish this I am going to "hit the books" until Jason comes home.

New Skill: Amelia tries so hard to stand but she just doesn't understand. Her newest thing is this:

She gets onto her feet and rocks. Sometimes she tries to take a step forward but as you can guess, it doesn't really work out for her:

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Elle Squared said...

I LOVE THE BANANA FACE! Totally CLASSIC! And I haven't tried this with my son (too young) but a good friend of mine mashes a half a banana with breastmilk (although you could use formula). It is the only way she can get her son to eat them.