Monday, November 23, 2009

Home with the Comforts of "Home"

**These days, to us, home is Milwaukee and "home" is the Hudson/Stillwater area. This is where our family began, so Milwaukee will always be important to us, even if/when we leave**

This morning we made the trek back to Milwaukee. Amelia got some Nana lovin' before she left:

She did so great in the car, again! I took this picture of her at a gas station, while Jason was inside getting our refreshments:

What a good baby that is! On our way up she got fussy near Menomonie (~30-40 minutes out of "home") and this time she slept, played, slept, played and never fussed! We are lucky!

On our way home today there were deer everywhere! I compared it to people strapping their Christmas trees to their cars to bring home...there were a lot of them. Sorry, I really don't want to gross anyone out, but we got a kick out of this one:

This weekend they got a new couch AND a deer? Must have been a good weekend.

Now, onto the comforts...we brought home 2 Carbones pizza sandwiches and they are in the oven warming up as I type this:

We had asked for them par-baked so we could throw them in the freezer for a snowy day but they came fully-cooked. Therefore, we must eat them sooner, so we chose tonight! Star Trek is ready in the bedroom, so once dinner is done we will eat in there and watch a movie together!

Another comfort that we brought home with us is RJ's beef jerky. Jason snacked on it in the car. I think it was tough for him to ration it and save some for later! He was nice enough to share it with the boys tonight:

Lucky came too but, shockingly, he didn't seem too interested in beef jerky! That boy loves to eat (his belly shows it too!) so I am wondering why he wasn't interested in the jerky... Maybe because Poopy goes nuts for it and was charging the pieces on he floor when he finished his, even though they weren't for him!

Ludo seems a bit perturbed with us, for leaving him so long, but he has found his own comfort in Amelia's new chair (pink is his favorite color...):

I am going to make room for it in her room for now, to try and keep the boys out of it!

It is nice to be home again! I can't wait to sleep in my own hed tonight with my cats! Except...they seem mad at us. Especially Lucky :(

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Anonymous said...

if you were just gonna let the boys use it then Shad shouldve kept it hes sad shad now

kim and nana