Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a Wednesday

Wow, last night we were in bed by 8:30 and I think I was out before 9! We have gotten a lot of sleep the past two nights, which is great!

Today we went and got all of Jason's laundry washed. Amelia is still amazed with the washers. It's a lot of fun watching her be so enthralled with something so ordinary:

After that we headed to Blain's Farm & Fleet (not Fleet Farm, Fleet Farm is ten times better than Farm & Fleet) to get me a new jacket. I don't quite fit into mine. I am hoping that by next winter I have gotten rid of some of my excess, so I can fit into my nice Columbia again! While we were there we also got Amelia a couple of Christmas gifts. Their prices were lower than Target!

She is finally sitting up:

She has been able to a couple of months now but never wanted to. She'd sit there for a few seconds and decide that being on her belly was better. Now she is figuring out that sitting up has it's advantages too!

I put her into her pack 'n' play this evening so I could do a few things and when I looked in on her, this is what I found:

The poor thing was worn out! Since we were out most of the day she didn't get her usual nap. She napped in her carseat while we were out, for maybe an hour, but that is nowhere near the length of her usual late morning nap! I got her up a little after 5, changed her into pajamas and let her play for about 30 minutes and I put her to bed!

Over the weekend, Amelia learned how to pant, like a dog. She sits there, panting, with her tongue hanging out. Why??? All we can figure is that she picked it up from Molly, her Great-Grandpa Peterson's dog. Molly panted in her face a few times and now Amelia pants too... It is so strange. For awhile I thought something was wrong with her, like she couldn't breathe, but she is fine. She is her normal self, only she pants now. This picture was taken while she panted:

Strange little thing that girl is.

This evening I have done all the dishes (there were a lot, remember, we had "Thanksgiving" dinner last night), done some everyday picking up, made applesauce and more! I have lots more I'd like to do tonight so my momentum better stick around!

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