Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Creative Solutions

We are a family of problem solvers some days and yesterday we were at our best. We each had a creative solution to a problem that arose.

Amelia's creative solution the past couple days has been this:

She turns her "pop links" into a bottle. Granted, there is no liquid in there but she tries. Bless her heart.

Last night we went grocery shopping. Finally. It had been too long. We got there, got Amelia out of the car and into the cart and it quickly became clear that she was in no mood to shopping. Jason carried her for a little bit but that didn't help. So, I came up with this:

Which somewhat quickly led to this:

And then she woke up...

...right as we got to the checkout! Great timing because we would have had to wake her up then anyways :)

I don't have a picture of Jason's creative solution but I can explain it and I think you will all get the idea. We usually eat out before we go grocery shopping. In doing so we ensure that we will be full while shopping and, therefore, won't buy anything and everything that looks "good".

We typically eat at Buffalo Wild Wings because there is one across the parking lot from the store. Last night we discussed in the car that we weren't in the mood for spicy and decided to get milder sauces. Well, the waitress came and I ordered (sweet BBQ and parmesan garlic, mild flavors). However, Jason went ahead and ordered Blazin'...what?

Anyways, they were a little too much for him as he and I both knew they would be. He wants to condition himself for the "blazin' challenge" so he can do it with his friend Ben. It's something like 12 wings in under a certain time with no "coolers" (ie- ranch, blue cheese, celery). I used to work there and I can't even remember what it is exactly. That probably tells you how often people did it! Almost never! (at least when I was working)

His creative solution was cramming his boneless blazin' wings into his ranch cup and "marinating" them in the ranch to cool them. Yeah. Didn't really work but I thought it was creative. I did take a picture to share but it didn't turn out and the look he gave me when I took it made me not try for a better one. I think he doesn't get that a blog entry is better with pictures. Even if it is pictures of ridiculous things.

In other news, the Vikings beat the Packers again which meant...

...Jason won another bet with a Packer fan at work.

I also have not cut Amelia's little nails in quite some time. I noticed they were getting long I just never noticed when I was able to cut them. She woke up this morning with a nice cut on her chin:

Needless to say, I cut her nails before bedtime this evening.

We hope everyone's week has been going well! Here's a smile in case anyone needs one:

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Elle Squared said...

Love the shopping cart bed idea! Such a cutie!

And I know what you mean about nails needing to be cut. My son woke up this morning looking like he had been attacked by the cat... only we don't have one!

Great blog!