Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last Day in MN

Today was our last day "home". This morning I watched Law and Order: SVU on USA. You must understand, there was a marathon on and we don't get that channel in Milwaukee, so this was a big deal to me. I LOVE that show! I watched 2 episodes!

Amelia and I had lunch with Marie this afternoon. The day was pretty low key. I finished up our laundry that we brought with and waited for Jason's call. He got in to town mid-afternoon. We have venison! Jason did not get a deer himself but his cousin (?) got a buck and lives in TN, so he won't take it with him. (mom, skip this picture...):

Amelia wore her Daddy's blaze tonight after he got back:

I had already packed Amelia's clothes up tonight so all I had for pajamas for her were some Christmas ones that she got this trip and I had washed today, so she is in Grinch pajamas tonight... She also wore around a red Tupperware bowl, like a helmet, to match her army crawl:

At one point she was in the doorway to the kitchen, banging her head on the wall, with her helmet that is. She already understands what it is for! She must take after her Daddy after all...

It has been a busy weekend. Tomorrow, back to the "grind".

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