Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mid-Week Update

Another week is half over!

The only really "big" news of the day is that Amelia's carseat has been upgraded. Well, in my car at least:

Reasons? Well, first, her infant seat/carrier is way too awkward for me to carry these days. I am just not strong enough to lug it around anymore. Amelia is getting heavier every week and I just can't do it anymore. I've tried several positions for carrying it etc and it just doesn't work for me any longer. So, this afternoon we put a "big girl" carseat in my car. Plus, now I can just throw her in a sling when we get to our destination and we will be good to go!

The second reason for the switch is that her infant carrier is only usable up to 22 pounds. She is creeping towards that, so I figure this will be a permanent switch soon anyways. We go in tomorrow for her follow-up flu shot and I think I am going to ask them to check her weight. Just to be sure.

She must be ok with her new seat:

She fell asleep in it right away today!

I feel bad for Poopy tonight:

Jason decided he needed a shower too.

Good thing he has Ludo to help him dry off:

We're off to bed! It's been a late night and we have an early morning! Jason has a work meeting and, of course, we have the doctor appointment I mentioned :) After that it will be another typical, busy day!

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