Thursday, November 19, 2009

We Made It!

Our trip today took a lot longer than we expected. We aren't really sure why but it took us 7+ hours (vs ~5). We made it though! We stopped in Black River Falls for some Subway and Amelia enjoyed some of my chips, well, the bag at least:

(yes, she is sporting a Bears hat, my Bears hat for those who were wondering)

When we finally got into town we headed straight to my parent's house to unload and stretch our legs. Once we were settled we headed to Pizza Hut to see an old co-worker, Tara for a few minutes. Kevin, the GM, happened to be there too so I got to say hi to him too. After that we went to Jason's mom's house so he could round up his hunting gear for this weekend. When we got there his sister Liz and her boyfriend Kory were there with their new mini dachshund, Cashew. Once I handed off Amelia it was someone elses turn to be worn:

I think Liz and Kory might need a sling to carry this little guy around in! lol Apparently babywearing isn't just for human babies anymore :)

Once we were done at the house we picked up Jason's Grandma Rude and Jason, his mom, his Grandma, Amelia and I had dinner at the Winzer Stube in Hudson. Here we are at dinner:

(Jason really isn't that unhappy. He has been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple of days)

After dinner Jason and I stopped at his Uncle Dave's house on our way home for a few minutes.

At that point in the evening Amelia had had it. We weren't able to stay too long. Just a quick hello, a little chatting and Amelia crying and fighting sleep and we were on our way.

Tomorrow morning I drop Jason off with the rest of the men and they will head to the cabin to prepare for Saturday's opener. After that, who knows what the day will bring. My dad is off, so we will spend the day with him I think.

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