Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Yesterday we spent the day out and about. My sister, mom and I went to a craft fair in Hudson in the morning at the Hudson House. There was a lot of cute holiday decor but most of it was out of my budget! Amelia got a couple of things though!

First she got a new hat:

There were lots of different animals to choose from. I decided I liked the raccoon the best. Some runners up were a whale, a duck, a kitty (it might have won if the woman had had a pink one with brown ears left...) and a pig (which she was also out of). The pig sounded so cute! I always buy Amelia piggy things when I see them!

Amelia also got a Christmas present. I am leaving this one at my mom's house so Jason and I don't decide to open it up early like we have all the other things we've bought as "Christmas presents". It is a pink hippo Zoobie:

It can be the animal, a pillow or a blanket. There were a bunch that we liked of these too. The runners up were a black bear and a blue elephant. We let Amelia choose. Each time we held up a pair of animals she chose the pink hippo, so that is the one that she got.

After the craft fair we picked up my dad and went to Rosedale Mall. We walked around, Amelia got a few new outfits (she is so spoiled) and then we went across the street to Kohl's. It was the biggest Kohl's my mom and I had ever been in and we got lost, seriously. We had no idea where we were and could not find my dad and sister. It was funny.

We ate dinner at Boca Chica (yum) and Amelia fed herself while we ate:

By the time we got home Amelia was so tired! She had her bottle and was out like a light. She woke up a bit later and freaked out. I let her cry for 15 minutes and then went and got her. As soon as I picked her up she stopped crying and was asleep again. She has been in this phase of needing me all the time. Somedays I can't even leave a room without her melting down. It is sweet but really annoying at the same time.

Shadow is going to be really sad when Amelia's chair leaves his house for her house in Milwaukee:

Remember how much Amelia loves cords? She gets so mad when you don't let her have one that she wants:

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shad may just keep the chair then... he saw it first