Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Tuesday

Well, it was another typical day...which means, nothing too exciting to report. Over the weekend we became more determined to get Amelia to accept her sippy cup. She is starting to get it, but is not quite there yet:

Saturday I held her, screaming, and kept the cup in her mouth until she started to drink from it. So, she will accept it, eventually, from me. When she has it on her own she is more content to chew on it than anything. I gotta get her to understand she needs to tip her head back a little and maybe she'll be an independent drinker!

Amelia has her lamb hat and mitten set already (seen in this post). But I got her a hat and matching mittens from Target's dollar section too:

Now she has a set for days that aren't too terribly cold.

We spent this evening at the laundromat. It was nice to be there without being rushed for once. That doesn't happen too often. Amelia was in fairly good spirits despite it being past her bedtime :)

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