Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

Last weekend my sister came and visited. I can home from work on Friday night to find my sister and Jason watching the Twins/Yankees game:

Little Amelia was so tired she fell asleep somewhat upright on Kim:

Saturday my sister and I went out on errands. We went to Target and Amelia got a couple of new hats. Here she is this evening, modeling them:

The first hat came from the dollar section of Target and was too hilarious to pass up for one dollar:

The second hat she got is for this winter. I liked one that was a pink puppy and Kim liked this one. We tried them both on her and then let her decide...in other words, we held the hats up in front of her and she grabbed one and started grinning, so we got that one. Here it is:

As you can see, it has matching mittens :)

We also went to Kohl's and I got some things for fall/winter and a new welcome sign for Halloween (it's really cute). I even got some Christmas shopping done which is so unlike me. I am an annual weekend-before-Christmas shopper so anything I get done earlier than that is a miracle! After we left Kohl's we went next door to the grocery store to pick up our produce to make baby food (see 2 posts below this one).

On our way home we drove past the Wacky House so Kim could see it in person. They have begun Halloween decorating:

I sure hope this isn't all they do. From how their house is normally, you'd think they would do a little more than this, right?

Once we got home we jumped right into making baby food. My sister took a break from her job as assistant to feed Amelia:

It was getting late as we finished up baby food and Jason still hadn't come home from work so we started it ourselves. He showed up as we were getting it ready to put into the oven. We made a lasagna casserole type thing, it's good, trust me.

Once dinner was done and we had eaten Kim did a few dishes so that she could make a cake!

We made a Halloween Funfetti cake and it was so good! When she visits I always say we (ie-she) should make a cake and she almost always does!

Amelia had a long day and passed out right away in her bed:

(this picture uploaded sideways, sorry! I tried reloading it several times and it kept doing it. oh well!)

Saturday night we took a late night trip to Woodman's to get a few things. It gave me a chance to finally get a picture of Amelia in fall outdoors outfit:

Normally she is rolling all over the place or unhappy about being in this so I haven't been able to get a good picture of her in it, until now!

Also, Amelia had a special outfit for Saturday since her Auntie Kimmie was visiting:

(it says "my auntie is the best")

Sunday I went to work bright and early and when I came home Jason was watching the Vikings game in one room, Kim was watching baseball in another room and Amelia was crawling on the floor with bandaids on her fingers:

No one knew for sure how she got hurt but they both looked at her and she was bleeding...hhmmm. We think we have it figured out at this point. There is a metal grate in our living room that Amelia likes to move her fingers up and down because it makes noise.

After I showered, my sister and I went out to pick up more formula and then we came back home and got everyone ready to go to church. After the service we went out to the car and it wouldn't start. The keys got locked in the ignition and it was completely dead. It has since been determined that it was just a bad connection with the battery but my car is "special" in that the battery is in the trunk. There is no manual release for the trunk, so if the car is dead you can't use the remote to open the trunk, therefore, you can't get to the battery. Genius. Bravo GM. Another grand idea of yours. My sister ended up taking a cab to my house, getting the spare keys and then coming back to get me and we got the car started. This is the second time that I have not been able to get to the battery when I needed to to fix an otherwise simple problem. I think it is time to maybe make another key and keep it in my purse?

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that this is the second week in a row that Amelia has wet her clothes and all I have had is a onesie. Since it was so cold on Sunday night I took her jacket and made it into pants to try and keep her warm:

Kim left late Sunday night and I jumped right into homework. It was a late night but I got stuff done :) Yesterday (Monday) I had school all day and then went straight to work until one a.m. so that was a long and busy day. Today I went to mom's Bible study at church and afterwards sat and talked with some of the other moms. Amelia and I ran a few errands and then spent the rest of the day at home.

Tonight it finally happened. Amelia finally found the DVDs. She proceeded to pull them off the shelf and inspect them all:

I know that I have been a bit hard to get ahold of the past week or so...I apologize. Things have just been very busy and the little down time that I get I spend cleaning up, doing homework, showering, eating, sometimes just doing nothing (which we all need from time to time). I have taken exams and written papers and just been up to my ears in things to do. I just have one exam in the near future and I am hoping that that means things will be easier around here and I can return the phone calls that I have not been able to answer over the weekend. I do have to start my thesis for my graduate course soon...and I know that that will take up a ton of time :(

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I love all the pictures! She is so adorable!! I cant wait to meet her in December!!!