Thursday, October 01, 2009

Adventures in Baby Food: Pears, Take 2

So, this morning I decided to re-work that "pear-sauce". I removed it from the freezer and put the cubes into a large pot. I melted them all down:

Once they were melted I let them cook for a little bit. Next I went to the food processor and once again put the pears into it. I did a little bit at a time, adding water periodically, and I got a much better result:

It was still not the consistency I had hoped for, but this is much better! Amelia had some just a bit ago and she ate them (and only made one face in the process). Next time I will start with even riper pears, as I stated last night, and I think I will also cook them. I used the "e-how" recipe (which is where I got the applesauce intructions) and it said cooking was not necessary. I have found on a few other sites this morning that they are saying to cook the pears. So, I will cook them next time and hope for a smooth puree as the result!

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