Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ordinary Day

Today Amelia and I started out the day by trying avacado. She made a few faces so I mixed it up with some apple/blueberry blend and it went right down with no more faces! I had read online that a lot of moms (and dads...) mix avacado with a fruit, to sweeten it up, so I will do that from now on I think.

Last night I took inventory of Amelia's 12 month clothes (as I suspect we will be in those within a month or so) and realized that I still need to get a few things! She needs a few more onesies and pajamas! We went to Target with a mission for once! I knew there were a few pjs that I liked there and we ended up getting one set (there were 2 pair sold together) that I let her pick out (by holding two options up and she usually reaches for one or the other, so, we decide she "wants" that one). They ended up being on sale so before I went to work, Jason and I went back and got another set!

Here a few pictures from today...well, at this point yesterday...let's just say "pictures from Saturday":

(yes, that is a bruise on her forehead. She always bangs her head on things as she crawls around)

Here is Amelia "talking" to me:

I hope she outgrows this phase of high-pitched screeching. Sometimes when I am holding her I have to put her down because my ears hurt! She is a LOUD little girl who always has something to say :)

Oh yeah, and I made Amelia's space in the car a bit brighter and happier:

I found these flowers in the dollar section at Target and decided that I would put them in the car for her to look at. It has been so gloomy lately that I just thought they'd be nice for her...not that she knows gloomy weather is a bit of a downer after two or three weeks...I bet she prefers gloominess because the sun is not in her little eyes!

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