Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Pumpkin

This afternoon we carved our pumpkin finally! It has been sitting in the stairwell since Dawn and I went to the pumpkin farm last week. Here is Amelia with her first Halloween pumpkin:

Once the pumpkin was hollowed out it was time for another picture...this one she was less than thrilled about:

She wouldn't even sit down! At first that is...

She finally sat down and was so upset to be sitting in a cold, wet and sticky pumpkin!

Amelia was happier to "help" draw on the pumpkin:

Here is our jack'o'lantern:

It is basic, simple and our own design. Our pumpkin carving kit came with patterns but our pumpkins was so large that the patterns weren't fitting on it well and our printer is out of ink, so we were unable to enlarge the patterns to fit our pumpkin. It may be a bit "boring" and not very intricate but that is ok. I think it works.

Here are some other pictures of Amelia from today. She was wearing her princess skeleton pajamas (skull with a crown on) which I think are actually pretty cute (Jason picked them out):

Amelia is ready to tell some scary stories:

This is one of my new favorite pictures of her. She is so happy:

Lastly, I have a paper to write for Monday as well as a thesis to start researching (since it may take weeks for some books I may request to make their way to UWM). I work all weekend, literally, Friday-Monday. Ugh is all I can say to that. It is hard to be at work all weekend, see Amelia, keep up at home AND fit homework in. Wait, did I mention it'd be nice to have a life too?! Less than 2 months left!!! I cannot wait to turn in that darn thesis and be done with college!!! I usually don't work all weekend but I made myself available on Monday, hoping I could be given either Friday or Saturday off to do Halloween things as a family, but that did not happen :(

So, basically, if I am hard to get ahold of this weekend/next week, please understand. I have more stuff to take care of this weekend than I have time to do. I will try and get on here as often as I can so everyone can keep up with Amelia! E-mail is probably the easiest way to get ahold of me because I can write back whenever I get the chance, even if it is 3 a.m. I try not to fall off the face of the earth but it has been happening a lot this semester. Sorry.

I'll leave you with a close-up of my beautiful girl:

(I got out my Canon Rebel, so I am able to get some great close-ups again!)

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