Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This afternoon I had lunch, between classes, with friends Sarah, Bob and Ryan Franke. The four of us used to get together Thursday nights and watch movies together after CRU. We usually ended up watching things like Beauty and the Beast and was a good time. One time we went to Kopps and got a 64-ounce Sprecher root beer to enjoy while watching a movie. Anyways, it was nice to spend some time, the four of us, together.

This afternoon Amelia and I lost track of time and didn't really do much. We took a few pictures though:

I think this is her getting ready to do her "camera smile":

Cat toys are not just for cats anymore:

It's nice to know that she enjoys their toys just as much as they enjoy her things (ie- bouncer, carseat, "donut" etc)

Tomorrow Jason and I have an ambitious day together planned. We realized last night that we don't ever get to do things with each other because Thursdays are basically our only consistent morning together. Sooo...

We are going to try and get up early and go do our 3 weeks worth of laundry (because neither of us have clean work clothes...those are always what we run out of). After laundry, if all goes to plan, we are going to try and go to another (or perhaps the same) pumpkin farm...this time as a family! I also forgot to pick up squash while I was at Basse's Farm with Dawn and I intended to get some to make baby food, so we can get that tomorrow (if we make it!). I also am wanting to make pumpkin baby food so we will pick up some "eating" pumpkins as well!

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