Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rainy, Pajama Day

Today was yet another gloomy day full of rain. So we spent the day at home, playing. I never even got out of my pajamas! Believe it or not family but I have gotten better about this over the years...kind I just change into sweats or different pj's when I am home during the day and call them "lounge" clothes and that makes it acceptable...

Amelia and I had a good time playing around. She crawled/scooted all over the place, I followed her. Amelia ate lots today! She had her first taste of carrots, she also had prunes, sweet potatoes and a pear/applesauce mixture! She also had watered down apple juice too! We tried the sippy cup for a bit but then I just put it into her bottle and gave to her myself before her afternoon nap.

Speaking of her afternoon was a LONG one today. Almost three hours! I got the house cleaned up, dishes from the past two days done AND ate a bunch of leftovers in a tortilla! I, as always, had plenty of homework I could have been doing but getting things in order around here was better I think. Now that Amelia is in bed for the night I am going to get to homework, soon.

Amelia is getting good at getting up on all fours:

One of these days she will figure out how to move about on all fours vs falling to her tummy and cruising along at floor level.

This is just another silly picture of her in one of her toys:

Tomorrow will be another Friday spent at work for me, as usual. I am counting down the weeks until the end of the year already...because that is about how long I have until I am done with school...and tomorrow is one less Friday towards that day :)

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