Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Night

Tonight is the Packer/Viking game and I am going to use this time on the couch to update everyone on what's been going on around here. Lately my posts have been very short and not really about what we've been doing. I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks! This weekend was the start of things winding down for me :) By Wednesday I am hoping to only have one paper to focus on (schoolwise)!

Jason "spruced" the balcony up a bit while I was gone at school today:

I am hoping that we are not "marked" now and that our fellow Milwaukeeans will not "target" us... Just think, if we ever got a Bears flag (my team) and hung it out there too...we would be shunned by the neighbors for sure!

Jason even has braids in tonight:

Amelia has been a little trouble-maker now that she is a scooter. Today Jason looked over and she had found some tissue paper and torn it to pieces:

Amelia's cold is also still hanging around, as this somewhat gross picture shows:

(Jason is to thank for this lovely picture)

Over the weekend (Oct 3) Poopy had his third birthday. Here he is with his new blanket from my sister:

It matches his new collar Jason ordered him that is black with skulls/crossbones on it.

I am realizing now that I never posted a picture of Ludo with his birthday blanket from last May. Since Lucky and Poopy have been shown with theirs, I think it is only fair to post one of Ludo (belated). This is the best one I could find in my files:

(Ludo is a little prissy, hence, "diva")

Here are a couple of pictures from the past week or so:

She can almost get herself up into a sitting position now:

Flashing that excited "camera smile" she has:

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