Thursday, October 01, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Baby Gear

Kelly's Korner is a blog that I read and every Friday she has a new topic for bloggers to share about..."Show Us Your Life Fridays"! This week everyone is sharing favorite baby gear...things they loved, things they hated, things they couldn't have lived without etc! I thought I would get in on it since I definately have some favorite baby items! As I am looking back on all the different things we used there are a few that stand out in my mind as "lifesavers" and I can remember Jason and I wondering many times, out loud, how people can get by without some of them!

1) The first thing to become a necessity in our house was Amelia's "donut". It is actually called a snuggle-me-cushion (found here). My mom found it a craft fair in Minnesota and I am very glad that she got one for us! Amelia spent so much time in her "donut" the first few months of her life. It was a lifesaver to me when I was on my own with her for the first time, still sore from her delivery and unable to move around much. I would put her "donut" on the ottoman, put her in it, take my time sitting down and I was able to get her out of it, to nurse, without too much pain. That alone made it one of my favorite items. She took many naps in it too. We never tried it, but it can also be used for tummytime!

2) Bottles. Since I returned to school and work a short time after having Amelia, nursing didn't last too long for us (she naturally weaned herself) and the search for the perfect bottle began! We like Wee Go glass baby bottles, especially when we were storing breast milk.

Since carrying around glass bottles in a diaper bag can get a bit heavy we also tried out a lot of different plastic bottles. We have found more that we dislike than we like, that is for sure! We like the Nuk bottles and Wal-Mart's Parent's Choice bottles (the cheap ones that cost $0.97) the best, so far.

We never had good luck with Evenflo bottles, in particular the Evenflo Comfit bottles (the ones with the angled neck). The Evenflo Comfit bottles leak like crazy 90% of the time and are such a pain! We still use them but are very careful. You have to screw the lid on just right for no leaks to happen and sometimes, when there is a screaming baby, there just isn't time for all that precision!

3) Bouncer. Amelia loved her bouncer!

We decided on the Fisher Price Precious Planer bouncer. For the longest time her bouncer was the only place she would take a nap! I loved having it because I could put her in it and take it with me wherever I needed to be in the house! It was also really cool when she would start to swat at the "animal friends" hanging over it and then one day she grabbed on of them! I still remember that day, I was really excited :) She used her bouncer from birth until around 5 or 6 months...that is when she started to get upset in it because she wanted to be rolling around!

4) Bumbo seat. Amelia's Bumbo has been a place for her to play, a place for her to eat and also a place for her to pose for pictures! I really loved having this chair for her to play in! I also have the tray for it and I would put that on, give her a few toys and she would usually play for a good length of time. I would, however, have to go and retrieve the toys that she discarded :) One bad thing about the Bumbo was that we didn't get much use out of it, time-wise. After a couple of months Amelia was escaping from it. We still use it now, a few times a week, for feedings mostly. I think that a Bumbo is a good thing to have, even if you only get regular use out of it for a few months.

Those are just a few of the things that we have loved in this house! Other things that we loved, but I won't elaborate on, were our Fisher Price Rainforest Cradle Swing, slings (once Amelia got used to them that is), Cuisinart food processor (for making baby food), Johnson's and Johnson's Moisture stick (Grins and Giggles variety, it is made by J&J, but the "brand" is Grins and Giggles, either way, it did wonders for Amelia's cheeks!) etc

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