Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adventures in Baby Food: Pears

Well, this adventure did not turn out as well as the apples one did. That is ok though! The process for pears was similar to applesauce. The only thing different was that I did not need to cook the pears.

I started with 8 ripe pears. Cut 'em up, put them in the food processor and "pureed" them... Well, I ended up with what I am calling "pear-sauce". I have no idea why they didn't puree smoothly. They are nowhere near like the baby pears from the store! I will use even riper pears next time I think and see what happens.

I figure this "pear-sauce" is still pears, still nutritious for Amelia and she likes applesauce so why not try "pear-sauce"? I hope she eats it! I splurged and got her organic pears from Whole Foods, so if she doesn't like "pear-sauce" it will be a bit more money wasted...but again, it's pears, she likes pears...she also likes applesauce, so she SHOULD like this, right?

Anyways, I didn't take pictures through the whole process this time since it was virtually identical to making applesauce but here is what I ended up with:

I put a few servings aside in baby food jars, as I did with the applesauce, to use tomorrow and Friday. I will have to let you all know how the "pear-sauce" goes over with the princess...

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