Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adventures in Baby Food: Carrots

My sister and I also made carrots over the weekend! We started out with 2 bags of carrots which Kim peeled while I, picked up our work area. She peeled one and a half bags (I left a half a bag to make soup with soon):

Next I cut the carrots up into little pieces:

After that we put them into a pan with some water, covered it and "steamed" them:

They were ready pretty quickly because the carrots were so thin to begin with. I pureed them and put them into trays to freeze:

While I was filling the trays my sister did all the dishes so we could get ready for our next adventure/project. Amelia doesn't seem to like my carrots as much as the Gerber ones, the consistency is different. I know she will get used to mine though. It just might take awhile!

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