Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change in Plans Today

This morning the weather was not suitable (see above picture) for us to do outdoors activities. We woke up at 7, heard the rain and the cars driving on wet roads, and we went back to bed for an hour. We got up a little after 8 and tended to Amelia's needs and got everything ready for the laundromat. We had the place to ourselves today for once! Amelia had her morning nap in her carseat and Jason and I played around with the camera. This one picture pretty much sums us, and our relationship, up:

Once Amelia woke up she went flying around the laundromat with her daddy:

Amelia even joined in the laundry fun once the clothes were dry:

After we finished our laundry we went to Whole Foods to get some produce. The produce we were going to get at the farm to be precise. On our drive along the lakefront we noticed the Villa Terrace (decorative art museum) was looking pretty, so we took a picture:

Amelia has been all smiles this afternoon:

Lastly, here is a picture of tomorrow night's project:

I asked Jason if we could make baby food together tomorrow night when I get home from work so hopefully it works out!

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Anonymous said...

Jason, that's not a very nice face.