Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The time has come...

...for Amelia to get some teeth! She is 13 and a half months old and just now we are experiencing the joys of teething. Sense the sarcasm? Sunday and Monday days were so terrible. By Monday afternoon when Jason came home from work I could barely think straight. I was just so wiped out, frustrated and upset. She has one part way out, bottom center, and I think the other bottom center tooth is on its way. I can't be sure on that though. This is the best picture I could get of her pearly white:

It looks like a shiny reflection but I can assure you, it is a tooth! Click on it to enlarge, for a better look.

This is the Amelia that we see most of the time lately:

There isn't much I can do for her. Her baby Orajel has gone missing, which is probably ok. I can't ever seem to actually get that stuff on her gums, just her tongue! Instead, she has discovered the artificial grape flavor of baby tylenol:

I think it is hilarious because after I give her some, she makes this noise that sound like "yum" or "mmmm". Either way, I know she likes it!

Today we had a better day. She was able to make it through most of the day with minimal tears or meltdowns. She even did a little dancing when we were eating some dinner between errands:

While we were there she also decided she should relax and put her feet up:

She is such a character!

Notice her socks? In honor of her grouchy mood the past week or so, I put her Oscar the Grouch socks on today:

In other news, Amelia's favorite toy is still a cat toy. She drags it around with her everywhere.

I love it when she gets to a piece of furniture because watching her hoist that toy up can be quite funny!

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Poor baby amelia