Thursday, April 08, 2010

Movie Night

Amelia and I had a pretty good day together. This evening we went into the Oriental to sign some paperwork and Amelia climbed the staircases a few times. I wished I had my camera so I could record her because she was cruising up them so quickly!

Now that Amelia is bed, the living room is picked up and the dishes are done...I am going to have a movie night. I watch a lot of movies but I don't ever just sit and watch one. Usually I have them on in the background as I clean and stuff. Tonight, I am strictly watching a movie! I have my popcorn, courtesy of the Oriental Theatre:

I have my movie:

Don't judge! Yesterday I read Twilight and tonight I am watching the movie. My sister and mom passed the Twilight Saga on to me a few months ago and yesterday I read the first book. Yes, it only took me a day to read all 498 pages, even with a one-year old around! I almost hate to admit it but Stephanie Meyer writes a captivating story! I was hooked. I am starting New Moon tonight.

For now, I am prepared to be disappointed in the first movie. After reading the book, I can see how people would be disappointed in the film. Meyer is such a descriptive writer and there is just no way to depict that in a movie.

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