Wednesday, April 14, 2010

El Fuego

Today we took advantage of the warmer spring weather and when we went out for lunch, we asked to eat on the patio! It was so wonderful. We tried a new mexican place, El Fuego, that we had never been and were very pleased and impressed with it. I mean, come on, what's not to like about a patio like this:

Yeah, thought so.

Jason calls this next picture "Amelia in Mexico"

Our server suprised us and brought Amelia a popsicle once we were finished eating. She LOVED it. Here are some pictures of her very first popsicle!

She crashed hard on the way home:

And finally, here is the proof I have been waiting to catch a photo of...

She is standing! Today she even took one teeny, tiny step when I pulled her shopping cart away from her. Then she lunged for it so I am not sure I really consider it a true step but we are making progress!

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jen12685 said...

That looks like a great restaurant! So pretty! And yay for Amelia standing on her own! She is growing so fast!!!