Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Day!

We started out the day with a trip to the bank to try and further sort out some stuff. After that, lunch out was in order (perhaps not our best idea, given that we are trying not to eat out!). Oh well. We had some Buffalo Wild Wings and ordered Amelia her very own meal for the first time. She got naked (grilled) tenders and was loving them!

We were impressed by how well she ate!

Once we got home we went on another walk. We intended to walk by the lake but it was so windy out that it was a little too cold for that so this is the closest that we got the water:

That is ok though. There will be other days to walk by the lake, right? We also stopped to get some air pumped into the stroller tires and by that point Amelia had fallen asleep:

I was about to snap another picture when Jason turned the air machine on and I caught this face:

"Huh? I was napping guys". After that her eyes went wide and then she just sort of stared, confused:

After we got home she became a little playing machine. She played with her blocks mostly:

(the ribbon on her wrist is from her balloon from BWW)

Eventually she just got right into the block wagon...

I kept telling Jason to put his hands behind her for when she fell out but she never did! When she was done being in the wagon she just stepped right back out. Again, I was impressed with the girl!

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