Monday, April 26, 2010

Auntie Liz Visits

Last Thursday, Jason's sister, Liz, came to visit us for a few days. She arrived Thursday afternoon and she and I ran an errand or two. She babysat for us that evening while I worked and Jason attended the Crispin Glover event at my work. It sounds like they had a good time playing. Liz said they even made a fort!

Friday morning we went to lunch at El Fuego before I had to be at work.

Once again, it was yummy! I made it to work just in time, too!

It sounds like their Friday was uneventful. I don't have any pictures...apparently Jason doesn't remember that we have a blog to publish! Liz took Amelia to the park and they played on the slides for a bit. Jason picked me up from work and we all enjoyed a nice homecooked supper of pork, cheesy mashed potatoes and green beans.

Friday night, Liz and I tried out the neigborhood bars (there are 5 within a block of my house) and it was a late night. Saturday morning we hung around the house before Liz left to head home.

Thanks for the visit, Liz!

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