Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fails - Bath Fail

What is going on, mom?

After doing laundry on Monday night we gave Amelia a bath in her rubbermaid, in our tub. We didn't dump out her bath water...

...for several days. Every single time I went in there I just looked at it and thought about how I should dump it, but I never did - FAIL! Jason finally did it very late on Wednesday night.

This was just one of the many fails that I accomplished this week! For more fails, go to!


Just Writing said...

At first I thought, "you gave your cat a bath?". I had to read the whole post over and look at your sidebar to realize who Amelia is (duh!). Hey, at least you finally got rid of it.
Stopping by from Myra's blog, :)

Melinda said...

My house is full of things that need to go somewhere else - and every time I see them I think that I should take them but I don't. Maybe soon I will stop seeing them! ;)

Myra @ My Blessed Life said...

Haha! It seems like I leave stuff un-done for days sometimes too.

Thanks for linking up to Friday Fails! :)