Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heat Wave

It has been a warm day. Way too warm for my tastes, in fact. Our apartment has gotten up to 79 degrees and the current temperature is 81 degrees (it is 7 p.m.). This is not normal spring weather! In fact, 3 years ago at this time we had a blizzard! I am not sure which would be worse, a blizzard or this heat...

Amelia and I needed to get out of the house so we went on a walk by the lake.

We were hoping for a nice cool breeze down by the water but we weren't so lucky today. Amelia, as usual, knew just what to do to relax on the walk:

I can assure you this is a happy face:

Amelia got her first bath in our tub tonight!

I brought a cup in with me to use to rinse her and stuff and she was so fascinated with it!

She's all ready for bed now and I am just waiting for the signs that she is ready for sleep!

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