Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Laundry = Bath Time + a Walk

Monday night it was laundry day, again. We have decided to try and go once a week instead of every 2-3 weeks so we aren't there quite as long. We are there long enough for Amelia to make a mess of herself though!

Gross! We let her crawl around because there isn't much else she can do. She will only sit in her stroller for so long before she freaks so we reserve stroller time for when we are folding everything! Laundry day is always bath day for Amelia. She has so much fun in the tub!

Last night, after dinner, Jason and I went on a walk around Bay View since it was a nice night and ended up at Babe's Ice Cream 5 minutes before they closed! We got a treat and walked home. Amelia had a great time:

See the chocolate on her lips? We let her try a bit of our ice cream :)

That has basically been our week so far. Pretty boring!

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