Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Financial Peace Uiversity - Week 8

Last week Jason attended and learned all about different types of insurance. I have to listen to that lesson still but he said he learned a lot! Learning about, and understanding, insurance is something that I really need to work on...

This week we talked about bargains and deals, right up my alley! I love looking for bargains and I love getting a deal. We went over "rules" for bargaining which include everything from staying silent to saying "that's not good enough".

The power of cash was also something we spent a lot of time on. Dave is all about cash because you avoid interest payments and you can get what you want for what you want, usually. If you tell a salesperson, and show them, that you have $800 dollars - cash - that you want to spend on their $900 dollar item, you will probably get it for your $800 dollars - cash. You just have to have the confidence to ask. Not enough people want to ask for deals because they want to avoid the possible "conflict".

We also learned about places to find deals. Everywhere from estate sales to pawn shops. Individual owners are also a great place to look because if they are trying to get rid of something it is probably because they don't need it and it is taking up space so they will probably take what you offer to get it out of their hair! Again, just ask/make an offer!

It was a great lesson and I learned a lot. I was glad to hear him supporting pawn shops because I think a lot of people have a negative misconception about them being full of stolen goods and that just isn't true! My sister works for a pawn chain and they check everything with police reports and turn over what is stolen. She gets some great deals from her work, which I occasionally benefit from!

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