Friday, April 23, 2010

Crispin Glover

What a late night for us! Tonight at the Oriental I worked an event and Jason's sister was in town to babysit so Jason got to come! He was pretty excited to be out doing something!

Tonight, Crispin Glover was at the Oriental with his latest work - It is Fine! Everything is Fine! He first did a slideshow where he narrated some of his books and then the film was shown. After that he did a talkback with the audience for about an hour and after that there was a very extended meet and greet. What do I am mean by extended? Well, Jason was in line for about an hour and he was within the first 12-ish feet of the start of line! I finished work in time to join him in line.

Crispin really took the time to actually meet with everyone. We left the East Side close to 1 a.m. and he was still there, meeting people! Since I was working, he even gave us one of his books for free as a thank you for helping out!

If you are interested in the film, you can go here to his website.

Also, I am sure some people are wondering who Crispin Glover is... Well, here some of his more well-known roles...

See? You knew who he was after all!

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jen12685 said...

That is awesome! I am a little bummed that I missed out, but you are right. That was not a priority. I hope Jason had a good time too!