Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snowy Day

It's snowing here! It has been snowing since we woke up :) Since I haven't had anywhere to go the past two days, the less than great weather hasn't really phased me. Apparently we should be getting around a foot by the end of today. Not having been outside, I have no idea if that is accurate or not! In fact, I haven't gotten out of my pajamas in TWO days. It has been great.

Late last night, before bed, we put beef stew ingredients into the crock pot for lunch today. Well, our first crock pot adventure was semi-successful. I liked it. It was a bit soupier than I had imagined but it tasted fine to me! Jason didn't like it too much. I am not sure why. It tasted like beef stew...what more could we have asked for? Maybe it is just the chef in him...

We all napped this afternoon. We had hoped to get up in time to take a walk in the snow, the three of us, but that didn't happen. We were lucky that we roused with just enough time for Jason to make it to work!

Amelia and I spent the afternoon playing with some of her new Christmas toys:

I am excited that she has been more interested in her toys than our things lately! I love it when she is digging in her toy bin and throwing her toys all over because it means she isn't throwing our books or movies around :)

Take this moment, for example:

The other day she crawled into her room, stood up and started throwing diapers over her shoulder. I said, "Amelia, NO" and I saw her startle (shake) but she never lost a beat, never turned around to look at me and just kept throwing her diapers on the floor. So, I took a picture. Then I grabbed her and we put the diapers back, together. Kind of.

I am started to freak out a little...Amelia is very comfortable cruising from one piece of furniture to another:

I am NOT ready for her to be a walker!!! I hope she holds off. Kind of like she has been holding off from eating table foods. That child will not eat anything but purees. I try feeding her "chunkier" purees and she gags on them until she either throws up or I manage to fish out the "chunk". Like yesterday, she had green bean puree with rice. She gagged on one tiny grain of rice. Over and over. I am ready to give up! One encouraging moment took place this morning though...she ate a few puffs! Jason was putting them in her mouth, she'd spit them out, he'd put them back in and she would swallow them! Now, I just need to get her to feed herself!

On a related note, the sippy cup issues are still, well, issues. She doesn't like sippy cups. This week I have been using Nuby sippy cups because all she has to do is bite on the nipple and liquid comes out, which is similar to bottles. She loves her bottles. She has been getting more receptive to the Nuby cups too. Today she actually drank a little from one while playing. I have been leaving a cup of water out, on the floor, while she plays. She eventually notices it and fiddles with it. I'd rather see her take an interest in it on her own vs. me trapping her in her high chair and making her try the cup. We'll see if it works!

Tonight I have an exciting evening of cleaning up the kitchen ahead of me. After that I need to start looking over budgeting stuff and see what sense I can make of it. Tomorrow is our first payday of the new year, so I want to try and see what I can do in the way of making sense of how budgeting works. I am sure it will take a few paydays to get the hang of it!

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