Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have had lots of opportunities to practice patience this week. Especially, today.

Amelia has been going through a phase, which started sometime this week, in which she needs to be with Jason or myself all the time. Honestly, I find it annoying most of the time. Then I remember that I will miss it someday. I remember that she does it because she loves me.

It is just so hard for me because she is a very independent baby usually. She does well playing on her own. She likes to explore. She is busy. Now, all of a sudden, she wants to be held. If you put her down she sits there and cries. She won't move. You can call her from the next room and she just sits there, crying, where in the past she would come looking for you (happy or sad).

I leave her to cry before I give in to her wishes and pick her up. If this keeps up I am going to have to wear her around the house in a sling all day because my arms start to hurt after awhile! It's ok, one day I will wish I could hold her all day I bet. I just have to be patient with her.

Another patience lesson was tonight. My computer's security stuff wouldn't update, so my computer was not protected. I went online to tech support and "chatted" with a representative online. I tried his suggestion. It failed. I called after that. Was told to call another line especially for Dell customers etc. Normally, I get very frustrated when I am on the phone with companies like this, being passed around from representative to representative. Tonight I was able to not do that and the whole ordeal didn't ruin my night! It took 50 minutes to get it all sorted out and fixed but at least it is fixed!

The best part? I put Amelia in her pack 'n' play so I could deal with it and she was quiet the whole time! I think she was beyond bored though:

Almost every time I looked in there she was standing there, chewing on the side of the pack 'n' play and staring at the doorway. It seems she practiced patience tonight as well.

Lastly, Ludo is home! His belly is all shaved and he has a huge incision! He doesn't seem too mad at me...and he made himself right at home on our bed tonight:

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