Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family Fun

Today was another lazy day for us. Those have been happening a bit too often lately... We all napped at 11 until...nearly 3! While we admit that we must have needed the sleep, I still feel like we wasted the morning/early afternoon!

Amelia has been sucking in her lips FOREVER. It is the reason that her chin get all dried-out and red from time to time. I think it is pretty cute:

After our early dinner (of tacos), we all played together. We started out with Amelia's toy piggy bank:

We tried to explain to Amelia that it is more fun to put money into the bank than it is to take it out. She didn't agree with us.

Next Amelia and her daddy moved on to the farm. Amelia hasn't been too thrilled with this toy since she got it for Christmas. Jason showed her that it isn't scary. Here they are on the farm:

They both went through the farm. I am serious. See for yourself:

Once Jason went through, Amelia went through. His plan worked at least!

Once Jason was done on the farm, Amelia kept at it. She decided opening the door was overrated eventually and just climbed right over it:

Here is a short clip of her walking with her shopping cart. It isn't the best example of this skill but it was the best I could get on video :)

(she kept getting stuck at the end of the coffee table today)

We rounded out the evening with a bath and a bottle. Jason gave Amelia some sweet hair during bathtime:

What do you think of her 'do?

That has been our day. Nice and relaxing. We do a lot of that now that school is over! Life has been so much simpler, mostly, for us and I think we are all loving it. This week the spring semester started and I am not there, I had no books to buy, nothing. It is starting to sink in that it is really over :)

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