Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Morning

This morning we had two appointments on the East Side to get to. Two appointments at 10:30 actually. Jason had an appointment and so did Ludo. I had to drop Jason off really early at his appointment so I could make it to Ludo's appointment on time. Why? This is why:

The streets are all closed off. Yesterday morning there was a huge fire a block from my work that destroyed 4 businesses and the [10] apartments above them:

150+ firefighters and 35+ engines from Milwaukee and surrounding cities fought the fire. Everyone got out, alive, which is the important part.

Things have gotten better since last night. Last night when I went to work more road was taped off than was today. You still can't get within a block or two of the intersection it all happened at though. The vet is 2 blocks straight down the road in the above picture. With all the one way roads in the neighborhood it made for an interesting trip.

Lost in the fire was one of our family's favorite places to celebrate, Pizza Man. My family and I have celebrated birthdays there, Easter 2007, my college honors ceremony and more. In fact, it was my mom's favorite place to eat in Milwaukee. Now it looks like this:

The owner of Pizza Man said after 40 years of business, Pizza Man became an institution of the East Side and he hopes to rebuild. I hope so too! It won't be the same though. The interior was stone and woodwork that just can't be replaced.

Kim ate at Pizza Man for the first time in December and had her first glass of wine there:

Well, that has been our day so far. Amelia is napping, Jason is at work and I am going to get the living room picked up (hopefully) before Amelia wakes up! I am amazed at how quickly she can destroy our house and she's not even walking yet!

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